There used to be a set of levels at which people could support this work, but the biggest thing Clay would like is feedback.

So, here's the offer -- if you send feedback on one theme, Clay will tailor another one of the themes your library. E.g., your library used Pirate, you send an e-mail that mentions the response from staff and/or patrons (good, bad, and/or "This would look better if..."), and you request the Ninja theme. At that point, Clay will make sure the receipts say what you want them to say, and give you a link to an easy-to-install version. You avoid having to change the receipt every time you change the theme. Clay gets feedback that keeps up his interest in making themes and allows him to improve the existing themes.

If this is your library's first time using a theme, Clay will happily tailor a theme for you. Beyond that, Clay likes to know which libraries are using the themes. Please send an e-mail if you know of a library using the theme that isn't listed on the accolades/sightings page.

Also, please contact Clay if you're willing to do voice work. Many people have already added their voices to the theme, and your voice can only make them better. Even if you're not a great actor, backing voices are helpful, too. Also, I'd love to see a library run a "be a voice for a checkout theme" promotion.

One paid service Clay does offer, for $350, Clay will work with you to make a theme of your choice.

Also, please consider donating a dollar or two, if only to express support for the work.