Baby Talk

'Bad Card/Bad Item' image from the Baby Talk theme

To be fair, this is not a hugely popular theme. However, it hits the concept precisely, through cloying voice work and appropriately-scolding library staff. Some people will find it sweet (especially the singing parts), but this is probably best as a short-term, "variety" theme.

To install the theme, please choose from one of the files linked below. Then follow the directions on the instructions page.

You may also want to check out the Baby Talk credits page.

An example of the "best of" theme:

Baby Talk Theme video (in MP4) (Converted AVI)

Sub-theme Description Install file .zip version Sequoya version
Baby Talk A "best-of Baby Talk" theme InstallBabyTalkTheme.exe InstallBabyTalkThemeSequoya.exe
Baby Talk Andy Voiced by Andy Gricevich InstallBabyTalkAndyTheme.exe InstallBabyTalkAndyThemeSequoya.exe
Baby Talk Gregg Voiced by Gregory Drexler InstallBabyTalkGreggTheme.exe InstallBabyTalkGreggThemeSequoya.exe
Baby Talk Katharine Voiced by Katharine Clark InstallBabyTalkKatharineTheme.exe InstallBabyTalkKatharineThemeSequoya.exe
Baby Talk Laura Voiced by Laura Wichert InstallBabyTalkLauraTheme.exe InstallBabyTalkLauraThemeSequoya.exe
Baby Talk Steph Voiced by Stephanie Bedford InstallBabyTalkStephTheme.exe InstallBabyTalkStephThemeSequoya.exe
Baby Talk Sue Voiced by Sue Dadds InstallBabyTalkSueTheme.exe InstallBabyTalkSueThemeSequoya.exe