'Take Receipt' image from the Haiku theme

To install the theme, please choose from one of the files linked below. Then follow the directions on the instructions page.

You may also want to check out the Haiku credits page.

Sub-theme Description Install file .zip version Sequoya version
Haiku A "best-of Haiku" theme InstallHaikuTheme.exe InstallHaikuTheme.zip InstallHaikuThemeSequoya.exe
Haiku Amy Voiced by Amy Fenn InstallHaikuAmyTheme.exe InstallHaikuAmyTheme.zip InstallHaikuAmyThemeSequoya.exe
Haiku Andy Voiced by Andy Gricevich InstallHaikuAndyTheme.exe InstallHaikuAndyTheme.zip InstallHaikuAndyThemeSequoya.exe
Haiku Clay Voiced by Clay Busker InstallHaikuClayTheme.exe InstallHaikuClayTheme.zip InstallHaikuClayThemeSequoya.exe
Haiku Jeremy Voiced by Jeremy Osgood InstallHaikuJeremyTheme.exe InstallHaikuJeremyTheme.zip InstallHaikuJeremyThemeSequoya.exe