Guided Meditations

'Good Item' image from the Guided Meditation theme

Breathe deeply. you're about to send a piece of your light to the stars.

When this theme was first made, the makers were afraid that some people might be upset over the lightly tongue-in-cheek way this theme treats the concept.

There was nothing to worry about. Patrons loved this theme -- to the point of wanting to meet "Astrid" and "Amy" because the patrons really were breathing deeply, and really were being calmed by the theme.

In fact, one patron felt so moved by it that she ended up talking about it at the Wisconsin Library Association's annual meeting in 2010 as part of "Pirates, Patrons, and You - themes for self-checkout". This theme may have started out as a parody, but it ended up as something much greater.

This theme is a time when the "best of" theme might not be as good as a single voice. Especially the "Astrid" and "Amy" themes.

To install the theme, please choose from one of the files linked below. Then follow the directions on the instructions page.

You may also want to check out the Guided Meditation credits page.

A couple of examples:

Guided Meditations(Amy) Theme video (in MP4) (Converted AVI)

Guided Meditations(Astrid) Theme video (in MP4) (Converted AVI)

Sub-theme Description Install file .zip version Sequoya version
Guided Meditation A "best-of Guided Meditation" theme InstallMeditationTheme.exe InstallMeditationThemeSequoya.exe
Guided Meditation (Amy) Voiced by Amy Fenn InstallMeditationAmyTheme.exe InstallMeditationAmyThemeSequoya.exe
Guided Meditation (Andy) Voiced by Andy Gricevich InstallMeditationAndyTheme.exe InstallMeditationAndyThemeSequoya.exe
Guided Meditation (Astrid) Voiced by Astrid Hayden InstallMeditationAstridTheme.exe InstallMeditationAstridThemeSequoya.exe
Guided Meditation (Chris) Voiced by Chris Dadds InstallMeditationChrisTheme.exe InstallMeditationChrisThemeSequoya.exe
Guided Meditation (Clay) Voiced by Clay Busker InstallMeditationClayTheme.exe InstallMeditationClayThemeSequoya.exe