Ninja / Silent Ninja

'Good Item' image from the Ninja theme

Ninja Day comes on December 5th, but it comes so stealthily that you may not notice until it has passed -- Much like the Silent Ninja theme, where you may not notice the patron until they're done checking out. Well, unless they mess up, at which point the entire library will know about it.

Both the main variations of this theme tend to go over well, with the Silent Ninja theme best for those who wish the self-checkout would just be quiet and scan some books.

Beyond those themes, Steph, Andy, and Gregg are likely the themes with the most impressive voice acting.

To install the theme, please choose from one of the files linked below. Then follow the directions on the instructions page.

You may also want to check out the Ninja credits page.

A few examples:

Ninja (Andy) Theme video (in MP4) (Converted AVI)

Ninja (Carolyn) Theme video (in MP4) (Converted AVI)

Ninja (Deena) Theme video (in MP4) (Converted AVI)

Ninja (Gregg) Theme video (in MP4) (Converted AVI)

Ninja (Laura) Theme video (in MP4) (Converted AVI)

Silent Ninja Theme video (in MP4) (Converted AVI)

Ninja (Steph) Theme video (in MP4) (Converted AVI)

Sub-theme Description Install file .zip version Sequoya version
Ninja A "best-of Ninja" theme InstallNinjaTheme.exe InstallNinjaThemeSequoya.exe
Silent Ninja Silent, except when bad things happen InstallNinjaSilentTheme.exe InstallNinjaSilentThemeSequoya.exe
Ninja Andy Voiced by Andy Gricevich InstallNinjaAndyTheme.exe InstallNinjaAndyThemeSequoya.exe
Ninja Carolyn Voiced by Carolyn Riley InstallNinjaCarolynTheme.exe InstallNinjaCarolynThemeSequoya.exe
Ninja Clay Voiced by Clay Busker InstallNinjaClayTheme.exe InstallNinjaClayThemeSequoya.exe
Ninja Deena Voiced by Deena Brazy InstallNinjaDeenaTheme.exe InstallNinjaDeenaThemeSequoya.exe
Ninja Gregg Voiced by Gregory Drexler InstallNinjaGreggTheme.exe InstallNinjaGreggThemeSequoya.exe
Ninja Laura Voiced by Laura Wichert InstallNinjaLauraTheme.exe InstallNinjaLauraThemeSequoya.exe
Ninja Steph Voiced by Stephanie Bedford InstallNinjaStephTheme.exe InstallNinjaStephThemeSequoya.exe