'Scan Another Item' image from the Storybook theme

Once upon a time, there was a library card...

...and so it begins. Follow the earnest library card as it attempts to help bring joys home.

With expressive, crayon-drawn graphics and a choice of Andy, Clay, and Nicky as readers (Links are the "Scan Card" sounds), the library card will help patrons check items out and avoid the beeping library troll.

You may also want to check out the Storybook credits page.

Sub-theme Description Install file .zip version Sequoya version
Storybook Andy Voiced by Andy Gricevich InstallStorybookAndyTheme.exe InstallStorybookAndyThemeSequoya.exe
Storybook Clay Voiced by Clay Busker InstallStorybookClayTheme.exe InstallStorybookClayThemeSequoya.exe
Storybook Nicky Voiced by Nicky Morris InstallStorybookNickyTheme.exe InstallStorybookNickyThemeSequoya.exe