'Scan Item' image from the Zombie theme

"BRAAAINS!" - This theme has "advanced" in the name for a reason -- the helpful text instructions are primarily in Zombie, and the helpful audio instructions are "brains". Literally, the theme says nothing but "brains", using over 50 different samples from library staff and patrons.

Don't let the difficulty dissuade you, though -- this is a patron favorite that has been successfully used to distract rowdy children in order to let their parents quickly get them in the mood to checkout and go.

To install it, please download the self-extracting InstallZombieTheme.exe and follow the directions on the instructions page. (There's also a zipped version - InstallZombieTheme.zip))

Reedsburg, Sequoya, and Verona have their own version of the install file.

You may also want to check out the Zombie credits page.

An example of the theme:

Zombie Theme video (in MP4) (Converted AVI)